Meet the Faculty

Emily Armiak

Early Childhood Director: Preschool and Kindergarten

Dana Primm Bearce

Math Teacher: 1st – 3rd Grades

Jill Myers Beary

K-2 Science and STEM Coordinator

Cindy Benson

Office Director

Tim Blair

PS-5th Grades: Swim Instructor

Kitty Cary

Math Teacher – 4th and 5th Grade, 4th Grade Group Time, 4th and 5th Grade Keyboarding

Lynne Costain

After-School and Summer Program Educator

Stephanie Evans

Learning Specialist

Plett Gerardy

Science Teacher

Amber Kathryn Graff

Bixby Chef

Ari Hernandez

Sous Chef

Elizabeth Hubert

Elementary (1st-5th) & Operations Director (includes After School and Summer Day Camp); 5th

Anne Hunter

Human Development Teacher

Lynn Jackson

4th and 5th Literacy – Reading and Writing

Patricia Jarvis

Admissions and Communications Director

Colleen Johnson

Writing Teacher 1st – 3rd Grade; Marketing Assistant

Mark Kalen

K-5th Associate Director; 1st-3rd Grades: Geography; 4th/5th Grades: History; 2nd & 3rd Grades: Group Time

Nina Kassin

1-5th Grade Spanish Teacher

Robert MacKenzie

1st-5th Art & Facilities Director

Lisa Manko

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Marcela Matlak

Kindergarten Assistant

Megan McGlynn

Assistant Preschool Director; Billing Specialist

Sharie Pulis

Preschool & Kindergarten Spanish Teacher

Allyson Rosenbloom

Math Curriculum Writer and 4th and 5th Grade Math Assistant

Taylor Strasburger

Preschool Teacher

Beth Suitor

Head of School

Shannon Tanguay

Preschool Teacher

Brooke Tye

Preschool Teacher

Anna Crafton Walker

1st-3rd Grade Reading; 1st Grade Group Time

Elizabeth Warren

Preschool Teacher

Nifer Weller

Sports Teacher: Preschool-5th Grade; Gardening Coordinator

Alison Wolfe

Preschool Teacher

Emily Wolfson

Preschool Teacher

Danielle Hermon Wood

Music Director: Preschool-5th Grade; Marketing Assistant