Beth Swartwood

Preschool Teacher
Cabrillo Community College, Aptos, California, AA
San Diego State University, California, BA, K-6 Teaching Certfiicate, Bilingual and Crosscultural Language and Academic Development Certificate
Bixby School since 2018

Working in education, especially at innovative schools such as Bixby, provides my life with insight, intrigue, and growth. I love being with young people, and have been working with kindergarten-age children since receiving my BA in 2006. My undergraduate work was in Liberal Studies for Educators. After graduating and continuing my formal education in SDSU’s Teacher Education program, I realized the need to become proficient in Spanish. Thus my venture into the heartland of Mexico where I spent a Summer studying at a Mexican University and teaching at a rural elementary school as part of my Bilingual-Cross Cultural accreditation. My most recent passion for Early Childhood Education began while teaching a year of preschool at a bilingual school in Chiapas, Mexico, and afterward when living in Denver with my nieces Isabel and Amelia, now seven and four. I love being an Auntie, speaking Spanish with my husband Oscar, and continuing to learn about Mexican culture through his childhood stories. I also enjoy the arts, gardening, cooking, trying new things, nature, and living an eco-conscious lifestyle. After years of traveling, teaching, and studying in various parts of Mexico and California, I am happy to be returning to my roots, working at Bixby where I attended kindergarten, and living in Boulder, my childhood home.