Elizabeth Hubert

Elementary (1st-5th) & Operations Director

Boston University, B.L.S. and M.Ed.
University of Denver, Administrator certificate
Bixby School since 2005; alumni parent

I knew at the age of four that I wanted to be a teacher. This intrigued, delighted, and irked my friends, which turned out to be great preparation for actually being a teacher. Along the way, I developed a research interest in the development of authentic esteem and piloted one of the early questionnaires of Seligman and Duckworth on the role of optimism in learning and achievement. All through this time, I was teaching. It was the direct experience with students that brought theory and research to life in a most meaningful way, so when my husband and I moved to Colorado, I set about becoming a teacher here. One of my favorite aspects of my role at Bixby is being a teaching administrator who has the opportunity to work with children every day in a setting that reflects some of my deepest held beliefs and values. What a joy this is! I am the proud parent of Bixby graduate, Natalie, who recently graduated from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.