Shannon Tanguay

Preschool Teacher
University of Maine at Farmington, B.A.
Front Range Community College (Longmont)
Director Certificate
Bixby School Since 2015

In my life I’m driven by adventures in nature including hiking, camping and biking.I adore the company of my wonderful dogs when I explore the paths I’m on. I strive for long road trips to visit my family in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the East Coast. I spent my childhood growing up in Windham, Maine where I played outside as much as possible with my neighbors and cousins. Rainy days were the beginning of my teaching interests when I would play “school” with my sister and stuffed animals. My desire and opportunities to educate and support others continue daily, both inside and outside of the classroom. I’m most rewarded when the children become the teacher and I acquire knowledge from their play, conversations, and interests. I teach at Bixby because of the bountiful gardens and acres of natural environment that the school provides to the community of students, parents, and staff.