Tina Davis

Preschool Teacher

Bixby School since 2018

I am excited to join the preschool team this year at Bixby. I started my path 16 years ago, in Early Childhood education as an assistant teacher, as a lead preschool teacher, and also as a director for a preschool. I have worked with children ages infant- 16 years of age.  I love the joy each child posses for learning. I believe play is the essential key to the child developing a love for learning. It’s a path that leads them straight into the academic side of learning we all hope our child(ren) have success in. I love that there is more than one way of measuring intelligence and we are now more knowledgeable of this than in the past, which helps us as teachers to teach to the whole individual child.  Preschool is a great foundational time to support children’s natural curiosity about their world around them, even though we (the adults) see just play, fun, and games, we know every moment in the early years are “teachable moments”. Children’s brain synapses are firing and soaking up so much information.  Adults either ignite or douse children’s innate excitement to learn by our responses to their curiosity/questions. I love and am passionate about supporting and working with all children, their families or teachers, for anything a child needs if/when concerns arise surrounding behavioral challenges, also known as mistaken behaviors, and building confidence in children. I believe, challenging behavior is a form of  communication, and so throughout my teaching experience, I have worked hard to support children, and work with them to learn what it is they need from me. You know your children best, so I believe I am here to learn about your children also from you and help partner with you in supporting your children whatever they are working on.

When I am not at Bixby, I am climbing, or hiking, taking a nap, walking my dog (she’s 15 years old!), spending time with my family and friends, watching movies, studying, and I volunteer working with foster children in the community through a church I attend.