At Bixby School our current families, alumni and friends of our Bixby Community find many ways to support Bixby School. While the culture of giving is alive and well at our school, we also have many opportunities for community involvement.

Below a listing of a few of our many choices:

  • Support special events such as our Bixby Bazaar, Read-A-Thon or game night
  • Plan and organize our Spring Fundraiser
  • Participate in class specific projects
  • Share your own talents and interests with our community of learners
  • Contribute your time to planning community events and parent speaker series.

Below are a few of our community partners that add joy, wonder and unique experiences to our program.

The Kiva Center
Bao Bao Foundation and the Mokomba Ensemble
Author: Janet Stevens
Girls Leadership
Naturalist: Perry Conway
Renaissance Adventures
Public Works Theatre Company
Dana V Music Center
Ascendence Project
Jasmine Saraswati’s Acrobatics and Juggling
Plettt Gerardy’s Rocket Building