It is my pleasure to welcome you to discover Bixby School and explore our community. In fifty years of teaching and twenty five as a head of school, I can honestly state that this little school is a treasure. Founded by Harlan Bartram and Pat Baker, Bixby has served the Boulder community continuously since 1970. It has remained true to the founders’ vision. What I have seen as interim head of school is a dedication to children that goes far beyond the classroom. Bixby believes that its academic curriculum is only part of the school experience. As important are character and citizenship in our school community. In our weekly assemblies, our faculty commends students for the intangible acts of empathy, kindness, generosity, and leadership they have witnessed throughout the week. Bixby strives to recognize excellence in every aspect of our school. It makes our school community vibrant, and our recognition of excellence in our students goes beyond talent. It also contains joy – joy that comes from positive discipline, a generosity of spirit, and the absence of egotism as we experience the give and take of our school day. We strive to teach our students to reach a step beyond what their families and they themselves expect in their studies and personal conduct. We encourage our students not to be types but to celebrate themselves.

It has been a pleasure to serve as Bixby’s interim head for the past two years. The superb faculty, administration, and board of trustees has continued to build and enrich our founders’ dream. The board of trustees has managed the selection process for the next permanent head of Bixby with intelligence and thoroughness. I have absolute confidence that he/she will guide the school toward its half century celebration with professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication. When May 26, 2017 arrives, I know I shall miss this exceptional school family.

John Suitor
Interim Head of School


Bixby School serves preschool through elementary level children and their families by integrating academic, artistic, physical and social development in a small community setting. Our mission is to cultivate critical thinking; promote independence and self-confidence; instill empathy, respect and responsibility; and inspire a love of learning.


  • Children learn best in a safe environment: physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • Respect is the cornerstone of such an environment; respect among students, between students and teachers, and among all members of our community including parents and staff.
  • Children are viewed and responded to as individuals having their own unique abilities, interests,
    and needs.
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their choices and actions.
  • Bixby encourages and fosters the natural curiosity and intrinsic joy of learning in children.
  • Bixby cultivates critical thinking skills and facilitates the mastery of underlying concepts, rather than simply imparting academic content.
  • Children learn best in small groups with extensive opportunities for individual attention and interaction.
  • Academic achievement is realized in a non-graded, noncompetitive setting where children are intrinsically motivated to learn.
  • Committed, well-qualified teachers are fundamental to the success of our school.
  • Support for families and continuity for children is provided with an extended day program that builds upon the rich learning environment and social setting.


Bixby’s mission and core beliefs reflect our commitment to progressive education. Progressive education is experiential, active learning that honors the developmental ages and stages of physical, social, and cognitive development. Students at Bixby School take an active part in their learning and develop the initiative and self-direction that will prove vital no matter where the future takes them.

Although progressive education enjoys a long and rich history, its principles have never been more relevant as we prepare students for the 21st century. The progressive approach to education facilitates skill-building and deep conceptual understanding; thus, it is a rich and rigorous approach to learning.

At Bixby, students are encouraged to think both creatively and analytically as they learn and solve problems. They are often asked to work collaboratively, so they also learn how to be part of an effective team. We recognize that students are part of many communities, and we prepare them to make positive contributions to the world.

  • Knowing each student deeply as an individual and community member
  • Providing hands-on learning experiences in small classes with talented teachers
  • Engaging academics with a focus on critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Education as path to the lifelong joy of learning through curiosity, nurture,community, challenge and family/school collaboration.
  • For more program details such as curriculum offerings, assessment practices and our ways to teach and learn please visit: Elementary Program, Preschool Program, Summer Program; please also visit our classroom blog and follow us on Facebook