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Danielle Feinberg,
Director of Lighting at Pixar

Alumni Danielle Feinberg recently returned to Boulder to speak about her adventures as Director of Lighting at Pixar Studios. She also shared her memories of how Bixby encouraged her creativity, voice and agency in her early years in an interview with The Daily Camera.

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Beautiful Moments From The 1st grade Geography Classroom

Dearest Bixby Community, A quick side note On Tuesday this week, there was a small alumni reunion that nourished my soul so deeply.  I was inspired by the efforts of many alumni to give back to this planet and the future generations.  I was talking with one alumnus...

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Bixby Alumni – Where Are They Now?

Danielle Feinberg, (Bixby Class of 1986), who is in charge of lighting design at Pixar gives a wonderful TED talk that was aired on PBS as part of an hour of such talks on Science and Wonder. She is the first presenter and you will see why - she is terrific. What is...

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