Bixby’s extended hours (7:15am – 5:45pm) accommodate families with before/after school needs but also are a wonderful way to extend the time your child is spending with peers and in our community.

Before school, there is supervised play and since our students arrive gradually by school day start, this time provides much opportunity to play in small groups and start the day with time to play and interact with peers across the grades until the academic day starts at 8:30 a.m.

After school, Bixby offers a play and activity program for both preschool and elementary school students, plus a number of extracurricular activities and clubs* for K-5 such as: Chess & Gaming Club, Crafts, Swimming lessons, Music Lessons,
Renaissance Adventures, Kiva Center, and AVID 4 Adventure.

We find that many of our families choose a few days every month for their children to spend time in after care, while others use it regularly to support their family and work schedules. Since our afternoon program includes both guided as well as free play-time with plenty of outside time on our sports field, lower yard and under our shady trees, students often ask to stay and play after school!

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