We Are Bixby

“Love is what makes Bixby special! Learning at Bixby begins with deeply knowing and loving each of our students as a complete and whole person. We focus upon social-emotional and academic learning, and customize the learning experience for each student, allowing them to grow their individual gifts and talents.”
~ Nina Lopez, Head of School

Hallmarks of the Bixby experience include:


  • Teachers deeply know and meet the needs of every student – intellectually, socially and emotionally
  • Students dive deeply into their subject matter and themselves, through individualization of their classwork, as well as a focus on their personal growth and reflection
  • Faculty teach in their areas of expertise and in small instructional groups of 6 – 10 students (grade levels are up to 16 students)
  • Student-centered inquiry and instruction allows for discovery and pursuit of passion areas


  • Learning through play, building, story-telling, and exploration results in high levels of student engagement
  • Multi-age collaboration furthers social development
  • Freedom of inquiry fosters creativity and curiosity
  • Playing on Bixby’s custom-built playground (come for an adventure in our lower yard!) creates calculated risk takers, problem solvers, and collaborators


  • Every student has agency and the power to impact the small democracy that is Bixby; for example, student council is open to any child
  • The founders believed that children needed time to discover who they in a natural manner. Thus, each Bixby elementary student has free time to spend drawing, building, playing, reading, and thinking
  • Nurturing the individual results in graduates who know themselves and trust their voices, empowering their future success in anything they choose to pursue


  • Bixby believes in developing a strong family-school partnership, featuring transparent communication and a spirit of collaboration
  • Children need time with their families in the evenings and on the weekends. Bixby takes care of school at school, minimizing homework, providing music, art, sports, and Spanish so that time at home is truly family time
  • Parents know that their children are cared for during the full day (7:15 am – 5:45 pm) and full year (summer program, too!) including a homemade lunch and time to swim in our pool