By Kaylie Stenhouse 

This year, our second-grade classes have been studying pollination. Pollination is when pollen is transferred between plants, and it is a necessary part of plant reproduction. Without pollination, most plants cannot grow seeds for new plants!

As a part of our work, the students have been working to make Bixby more pollinator friendly. We have been working on planting native flowers on the property and learning about other ways to make the property a welcoming habitat for local pollinators. Students collaborated with the Garden Teacher, Beth, to plan for the gardens and were able to take a field trip to the plant store to choose which plants to include! Many of these plants will be planted in the preschool by the front of the building. We hope this space becomes a learning opportunity for those visiting to learn more about our local pollinators. 

The students have made these info sheets to educate the community about local pollinators. They describe some of the animals native to the area around Bixby School. Most of these animals are pollinators who are beneficial to the land. However, one of the insects included here is an invasive species that harm our ecosystem. You may notice that the honeybee is not included. The honey bee is NOT native to Colorado (Source– USGS). You can find out more information in the resources.


What is Pollination?

Pollinator Activity Book 

Pollinator Habitats