Why Support Bixby

“Alone we can do little, together we can do much.” ~ Helen Keller

There are many reasons to support Bixby, including our rich curriculum, great teaching, inspiring spaces and an inclusive community. Whatever your reason is, we deeply appreciate gifts of time, treasure, and talent! In fact, Bixby relies on contributions of all kinds to sustain our exceptional student experience. Monetary contributions support things like our low student:teacher ratio, our unique swimming and lunch programs, and professional development for our teachers. Contributions of time and talent bring Bixby its Community Builders, known as BCB, a critical group of parent volunteers who bolster our school through social and community events. In addition, we love all sorts of volunteers, and opportunities are as imaginative as your interests. Currently, we are grateful for our librarian, parent readers, elective instructors and more!

As an expression of support in Bixby, we ask everyone to do something — whatever feels right to you and your family. Having an engaged community with 100% participation in supporting Bixby results in a stronger school for all of us, and most importantly, our children. Thank you for making Bixby possible!