Why Support Bixby

“Everyday, everywhere around me, I see people giving so much of themselves to Bixby. From my first days working here in the early eighties, I saw our founders Pat and Bart not only teaching and running the school, but there they were sweeping and mopping up the floors at the end of each day as well (and likely wishing I would stop using glitter so often in my preschool art projects. It just feels right to pitch in when I see parents showing up to help demo Lower Yard, and then a week later, more of them are out there with shovels and rakes helping to spread 75 tons of gravel. And when I see my co-workers showing up on weekends or early mornings or staying into the evenings to prepare for the next day, I’m inspired yet again to do what I can too.” ~ Mark Kalen (Bixby Teacher)

“We are so grateful to have joined the Bixby family, and recognize what a tremendous undertaking it is to build and deliver on a wonderful school experience for all of our children. Having spent my own career in philanthropy, I can tell you that 100% participation in support among a school community is paramount when private grantmakers, corporations and others make decisions about who to fund for those extra, amazing projects that Bixby delivers so well. That’s why we made our gift the day after we learned that the campaign had launched.” ~ Emily Newman (Bixby Parent)

Please consider joining our family by making a personally meaningful contribution to Bixby, so that families now and in the future can experience an education to be thankful for.
There are many reasons to support Bixby, including our rich curriculum, great teaching, inspiring spaces and an inclusive community. Whatever your reason is, we deeply appreciate gifts of time, treasure, and talent! In fact, Bixby relies on contributions of all kinds to sustain our exceptional student experience. Monetary contributions support things like our low student:teacher ratio, our unique swimming and lunch programs, and professional development for our teachers. Contributions of time and talent bring Bixby its Community Builders, known as BCB, a critical group of parent volunteers who bolster our school through social and community events. In addition, we love all sorts of volunteers, and opportunities are as imaginative as your interests. Currently, we are grateful for our librarian, parent readers, elective instructors and more!

As an expression of support in Bixby, we ask everyone to do something — whatever feels right to you and your family. Having an engaged community with 100% participation in supporting Bixby results in a stronger school for all of us, and most importantly, our children. Thank you for making Bixby possible!