Preschool Program Hours

Preschool Session: 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (3, 4, or 5-day schedule options)

Before Care: 7:15 a.m.-9:00 a.m. | After Care: 2:30 p.m.-5:45 p.m.

Academic Year and Preschool Summer Program can be combined for year-round care.

Sample Schedule of Preschool 2019-20

Play Based Learning Time:  We believe that children learn through play and through activities they are excited about.  During this time, children will have the opportunity to choose among different activities such as dramatic play, cooking, outside time, building, movement, or science.  Teachers are continually observing our children at play and guiding their play so that children are able to learn skills in a concrete and meaningful way. Our long periods of play based learning times allow children the time to persist with skills, come back to skills, and enjoy their mastery at skills!  

Group Time: This is the only time of the week that students are grouped by their age.  Children meet with the same group and the same teacher throughout the year, and will engage in long term and short term projects based on the children’s interests.  

Swim: Children go down to our pool in small groups of 5-8 students for a 30 minute class.  Our primary goal for our swim program is for children to learn how to be safe, and have fun in the water.  Most of the class is play based, however, Tim will teach specific skills to children one on one during an instructional time.

Story Time with Nina:  Twice a week, Nina, our Head of School, comes in to read stories and sing  with the children. Some days, the children will also have a turn telling a story to the group.

Field Trips on Wednesdays:  Field trips will occur every other Wednesday and parents will be notified as to where the children are going the Friday before.  Field trips will relate to the interests of the children, and will enhance their learning within the classroom. We have limited space for parent volunteers, and would love the support!  Please see Emily or Alison for a sign up.  

Lunch: Lunch is served family style, and children learn how to serve and clean up after themselves. 

Snacks: We serve 3 snacks per day.  Morning and afternoon snacks are served for an hour, and children come when they are hungry.  Evening snack is served after 5:00 and is meant to fill children up just enough before dinner.

Rest/Nap:  Children who do not nap, attend rest time.  During rest time, children can participate in quiet activities for about 30 minutes.  Nap is 2 ½ hours long. For the first hour, the room is darkened, soft music is played, and teachers will rub backs for children who request it.    

Morning Star:  This is an assisted living center about a block away from Bixby.  Each week a group of Preschoolers will walk there, weather permitting.  While there, children will engage in different activities with the residents for 30 minutes and then return to school.  Please tell a teacher if you are needing to pick up your child during this time, and we will be sure to keep them back at Bixby for you.

Adopt-a-Stop: Once a week, a group of children will help clean up Bixby’s bus stop on Table Mesa.  Please tell a teacher if you are needing to pick up your child during this time, and we will be sure to keep them back at Bixby for you.

Additional Teachers: During the week, expert teachers will come in to offer activities such as Storytelling, Spanish, and STEAM.  This will happen during play based learning times, and children can choose to participate. In addition, children will have the opportunity to participate in music activities as well.