• Knowing each student deeply as an individual and community member
  • Providing hands-on learning experiences in small classes with talented teachers


  • Beautiful 3-acre campus with natural play areas
  • Indoor swimming pool with year-round swimming for all students


  • Family and community events year-round
  • Parent volunteers for social and campus events


Taking Care of Bixby

There is work to be done at Bixby! Recycling needs to be put out, the lunchroom needs to be set up…and don’t forget to get it all cleaned up and put away afterwards! Some schools might employ special staff to take care of these jobs, but at Bixby, students help take...

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Group Time At Bixby School

Morning Group Time is an important part of the day at Bixby. Meeting together as individual grades gives students a significant anchor at our school. Group Time becomes a safe place for each age group to come together as a community. For our group of 1st graders,...

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Cultivating Critical Thinking At Bridgewalk Pond

Children cultivate critical thinking skills when they closely observe their surroundings and record what they notice. So every Monday, the kindergarteners walk to a local wetland area called Bridgewalk Pond, bringing clipboards and writing implements to record their...

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4760 Table Mesa Drive • Boulder, CO • 80305 | 303.494.7508 | fax: 303.494.7519

1. In Boulder, take Table Mesa Dr. (or South Boulder Rd. from Louisville) to Moorhead Avenue. Moorhead Ave. is just west of Hwy. 36 and can be easily spotted by Que’s Espresso at the intersection.

2. Turn south into Que’s parking lot and continue straight to the end of the lot.

3. The gate in the back of the lot is the entrance to Bixby School.

Bixby School




Is Kindergarten around the corner?

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Come join us for our Kindergarten Readiness night on October 4th from 5-6 p.m.!

kindergartenWhether you are a parent of a Bixby Preschool student or a family in the greater Boulder community, find out about best practices for Kindergarten, your choices in public and private programs, and how to navigate getting your child ready for Kindergarten.

This event is for adults only (childcare is available for Bixby Preschool families ONLY).

Please RSVP to if you are planning to attend or if you have any questions.