• Knowing each student deeply as an individual and community member
  • Providing hands-on learning experiences in small classes with talented teachers


  • Beautiful 3-acre campus with natural play areas
  • Indoor swimming pool with year-round swimming for all students


  • Family and community events year-round
  • Parent volunteers for social and campus events


Sensory Painting With Preschool

A couple weeks ago, as the final leaves were falling, I had a lovely opportunity to do some sensory painting with the students in my group time.  We ventured out into the warm sun and examined our materials.  Instead of traditional paint brushes, I provided the group...

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The Zones

Late autumn brings with it a tremendous amount of excitement for children. There are Halloween costumes to choose, turkeys and pies to make and snow to wish for. The winter holidays and a new year lie just ahead. There is a lot of joy to be found in Bixby classrooms...

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Grateful For Bixby

As we take a weeklong break from school to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, I reflect on what a special place Bixby is and how grateful I am to be a part of the Bixby community. Thus, I have compiled a ‘Top Ten’ list of Bixby attributes for which I am...

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4760 Table Mesa Drive • Boulder, CO • 80305 | 303.494.7508 | fax: 303.494.7519

1. In Boulder, take Table Mesa Dr. (or South Boulder Rd. from Louisville) to Moorhead Avenue. Moorhead Ave. is just west of Hwy. 36 and can be easily spotted by Que’s Espresso at the intersection.

2. Turn south into Que’s parking lot and continue straight to the end of the lot.

3. The gate in the back of the lot is the entrance to Bixby School.

Bixby School


Discover Bixby!

All School Open House!
Tuesday, January 10, 2017